Group 11 Make the News Comprehensive and Proportional

Who wants to listen to someone spit out a bunch of random facts? Not me! Writing the News in a storytelling format is essential if you want to keep the viewers/readers interested.  This can change news from boring facts, into interesting stories readers are telling their friends and they remember them.  Sometimes journalists get confused and their stories turn more into dramatic drama rants.  This is when a story leaves true journalism and turns into infotainment in my opinion.  If you click HERE you can see what some think infotainment really is.

Something else I really liked about this groups presentation, is how they talked about appealing to emotion. I think this is something very important in journalism but it is often forgotten.  This goes along with what I mentioned earlier because if a reader or listener cannot connect to the journalist, they will not want to read or listen to what they have to say. Also tone is very important because if a journalist is writing a story about a child that was murdered and their tone is sarcastic or funny, people will not respect them as a journalist. Click HERE to see how tone changes journalism from being a reliable site or just a news type blog.  This last link is great because it talks about “the sound of journalism,” and how setting a tone can change the experience for your readers or viewers.  Click HERE to read those and see how important it is to set a tone that the readers can connect with.

Making your writing something that will make a reader interested is the big ticket in journalism.  Why write something that just pleases you if you are writing to please a big audience of people who are expecting to get news from you? It is an obligation in a way and one that needs to be taken seriously so that people can trust the news and go to sites to get stories that interest them.



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