Group 12 Journalists Making the Significant, Interesting and Relevant

I loved the first sentence of this group’s handout which says, “Journalism is storytelling with a purpose.” My news director always gets mad if we write to factually without any story form.  A news story sounds terrible if it is like a book report like: Bob woke up. Then he walked down the street. Then someone robbed his house. Instead if you make it like a story, it is much more appealing to the ear.  Yes, the point is obviously getting a message across but if it is told in a boring way, no one will listen.  I found an interesting site that talked about journalism as storytelling and click HERE for the link.

I thought another really important aspect of what this group talked about was the hourglass style.  I think this is really a good style to use because it makes sense.  I never read an entire story unless it is on a subject I LOVE.  If the most important facts and information are at the beginning, the reader can get the most important things from just reading the beginning of the story.  Poynter has a lot of great resources for journalists and on their website I found a great article concerning the hourglass style and why it is so important in pleasing the readers. Click HERE to read that.

The last topic I wanted to address from their presentation/handout is about making sure to know who your audience is, and writing news to please them.  I think one of the most important areas of knowing your audience is knowing what interests the people reading/watching your stories.  I gave the example in class about if you are writing for a Provo news station, people here are going to have a bigger interest in what is going on with the Mormon Church than people would back in my hometown of San Diego, CA. You need to know what type of people you are writing to and write in a style that appeals to your audience so your viewers keep watching/reading.  This site HERE has some great resources to learn more about audiences  and writing specifically towards a particular one.   It gives a great idea as to how someone can learn an audience.


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