Group 9 Journalism as a Public Forum

I really liked this topic because it is something that I have thought about before.  The thing that interests me most is whether or not Wikipedia is a good place to go for information. I would be lying if I said I never go on Wiki and find things that I believe to be true.  I think for the most part it is pretty accurate but I am sure there are many things on there that are not true. I found an interesting site that talks about why wikipedia is not a legit source and if you click HERE you can read that.  On wiki I search whether or not Wiki is reliable and I thought the answer was so funny. Click HERE to read that.  I do think it is a good way to get quick info but when it comes to reporting facts, I would never use wiki as my source because anyone can post anything they want on there!

Something that goes along with this are blogs.  I think some blogs provide great information but I would also never use a blog as a source for information I received.  There is a blog HERE that has a disclaimer explaining that that blog does not represent the news station it is associated with because they want the viewers to know that they are not getting their information from this blog. As journalists, we need to make sure that we are only getting information from accurate sources because if we rely on blogs, and wikipedia to get information, there is a good chance it will not be accurate.  People will not be able to trust us which will cause us our jobs. Aka, don’t get info from these sites because although they might have a rep for having accurate data, they are not real sources for news.  It is tempting to just get information from Wiki but it is not right and I could lose my job if I started basing my facts off of what I found out from Wiki.


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