Group 10 Journalism and Faith

I think the topic of Journalism and Religion is so difficult in every way.  People are so different so there will never be a common belief for the role religion should or should not have.  I personally have such a hard time keeping religion out of my journalism because my religion is how I have formed my life. Everything I do is based around my religion and trying to take my opinion and beliefs out of the equation is nearly impossible.  There is a site HERE that explains the importance of covering religious stories because truly everyone is involved in religion in some way or another.  I liked what the group said about Atheists being religious because they believe there is no God, which is still a belief.  This website HERE talks about how even Atheists are religious.  This being said, religion is important to everyone so even though it is a touchy subject, avoiding it completely will benefit no one.

I think journalists get in a mindset that they need to be a clean slate with no opinions and no thoughts of their own.  I would go as far as to say this is totally not right. We can be great journalists because of the experiences we have had and the opinions we have.  Obviously it would not be okay to go on air and say you hate the president, and if you write in a way that makes people feel like you hate the president, that too is not okay.  But if you believe in God and write a touching story about a girl who died and came back to life, you can write it in a way that will touch many people because what you are writing will seem real to them and they can relate to you.  By clicking HERE you can read about how to make your writing more conversational so that you can connect better with your readers/viewers.


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