Group 8 Watchdog Journalism

First off can I say I loved the shirts. I thought that was so cute and clever. Something I loved about this groups presentation is that they brought up a lot of points that really made me think about things I had never thought of before.  For example, when they brought up the whole Kim Kardashian wedding, I did not even think about the fact that some celebrity’s wedding made into a newscast.  Should there be rules that do not allow gossip like that to be broadcast to people trying to watch the news? Like you guys mentioned, ABC is a huge station and I read THIS article and thought it was ridiculous that they covered it since they are a news station!!!

I wanted to find out more about watchdogs in the news and I came across THIS website.  They provide a way for people to see what they are watching and know what is true and what is not being included because of the governments position in what is said.  The actual definition for a watchdog from can be found HERE.  The verb definition says: “to watch carefully, especially so as to detect illegal orunethical conduct.” This relates directly to the news because there are people who do this.  I do not know if the world will ever come to an agreement on whether or not it is ethical and right to be able to say what can and cannot go on the air.

Some will think it is our constitutional right to say whatever we want on the news and others will say that it is not humane or right to air certain things.  For me, I think it definitely depends on the circumstances.  I do not always think people should be able to air whatever they want on air because certain things are not fair or correct.  We need to be sensitive but also acknowledge the freedom that we do have and take advantage of our opportunities.


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