Group 7 Ethics in Journalism

When this group started the class off with us putting our heads down and voting, I did not know where they were headed with that object lesson but I thought they tied it in really well.  The whole point about being scared to speak up for what we think is right was brought in really well. I was thinking about if I do this in normal situations and I feel like I do for the most part.  I like to stand up for the right things, even if it is uncomfortable or awkward.

I found a site that is dealing with standing up for the truth about 911. People have posted things that are true even if it is hard to talk about and to stand up for.  Click HERE to read that.  Some people think it is easier to hide behind the shadows and get told what to do instead of standing up for themselves.  This is sad to me because we have all been given the opportunity to share our opinion and voice what we have to say and we can stand up for the truth.  Click HERE to read about how you can stand up for yourself and for what is right.

This all is very important in the field of journalism for obvious reasons. If you are told something from someone, should you write a story about it based on those facts? NO. You need to research for yourself so that you know for sure the information you are reporting on is accurate.  I read a really interesting story that you can read by clicking HERE.  It is about the importance of sticking to the facts and finding out your own info.  I think this is one of the biggest aspects in Journalism!


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