Group 6 The Journalist as an Idealogue

First off: THOSE COOKIES WERE DIFFERENT… haha. But anyway, I wanted to start off talking about the belief that one’s culture is superior to another.  When this group was discussing this idea it instantly made me think of how prideful the US is. Yes, we are an amazing country and we really have done so much. I acknowledge the fact that we have changed the way the world views certain things, and we really do have a free country in most aspects. But, I think almost every country has some amazing things to offer.

This relates to journalism because it kind of goes along with being humble and honest about the situation. If you were writing a story about something that was going on in another country and you wrote about it in a boastful way like how the US would never go through something like that because we are better, this comes off very unprofessional.

Something else this group talked about that I found rather interesting is how crime is always in the media. By clicking HERE you can see a source I found that I think explains why this is.  This next site gives a different look at why crime is always featured in the media. Click HERE to view that site.

Lastly I would like to talk a little about how Americans like small town stories because they can see the real people that those feature. I found a cute little site that focuses on a small town and you really can get the small town feel just from viewing it. Click HERE to view it. I think Americans like this because we all get so busy and we are always hearing about crazy things happening on the news but isn’t it so great to hear that little heart warming story about the family who makes pies for their whole neighborhood every year? It makes us stop and think and want to be better people so I totally understand why these types of stories are still relevant even in our fast past world.


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