Group 3 The Professional

Professionalism is something that is slipping away every day.  I think that it needs to be a bigger part of the world because when professionalism is lost, things become chaotic.  Some of the elements this group specifically talked about were granting confidentiality to their sources.  This is an element of professionalism because we are adults. If you tell someone you will not reveal their name, and you reveal their name, that is totally breaking a trust you had with them and that is definitely not professional.  I found an article that you can see by clicking HERE and it is about breaking trust.  This is extremely unprofessional and if you want to remain in the market with a job, you need to make sure to stay professional and remain honest in all of your doings.

Another element of being professional in journalism in detaching yourself from the story.  Sometimes you will have to write a story about something you do not agree with but in order to remain professional, you must write it without any bias and get down the facts.  I found a really interesting clip of speakers in a panel discussing how to remain professional in a field that can be a little bit malicious and crazy at times.  Click HERE to view it.  I really like how he addresses being professional in this field in other countries as well because it gave me another perspective to this idea.

When I was looking online at something that could better explain a professional, I found some great definitions on Wikipedia.  Click HERE to see them because I think that they sum up what it means to be professional in todays day in age.  The definition that stood out to me most said: “Reasonable work morale and motivation. Having interest and desire to do a job well as holding positive attitude towards the profession are important elements in attaining a high level of professionalism.”  The part that says having interest and desire to so a job well… that is exactly what the world needs. If this methodology were in place today, the whole world would seem a whole lot more professional.

This picture is ironic because professionalism is EVERYONE’S job. 🙂


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