Group 2 Presentation. Ch. 3 Loyalty and Journalism

One of this group’s biggest points is enforcing Journalism’s first loyalty is to citizens.  This pretty much means that the person writing the news needs to know the audience.  You are not writing for yourself because what you want to hear about and think is important, is different from what the audience wants to hear about.  The citizens are your audience and you need to be making sure to meet their needs.  They also talked about an idea of a wall that was in place where the writer wrote and never heard anything from their viewers for feedback and there was no connection between the two.  The wall separated the writer from the reader and that is a huge problem.  There needs to be more like a mesh net.  The two need to be connected so that the writer can successfully make their point go across to those who will be reading it.

The is an article I found that discusses the importance of being loyal first, to the citizens if you click HERE.  It discusses that the writer needs to be honest with the readers and keep them informed on the truth.  They need to write about what they would want to hear and not hind things just because they can.  If they want the trust of their audience, they need to remain honest and always put their opinion first.

If you click HERE you can see an article I found that is also explaining the purpose of being loyal to the citizens.  There is a quote from that article that I think really hits home to this fact and it is pretty self explanatory.  It says, “A commitment to citizens is more than professional egoism. It is the implied covenant with the public…. The notion that those who report the news are not obstructed from digging up and telling the truth—even at the expense of the owners’ other financial interests.”


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