Group 1 Presentation. Ch. 2 Truth

When this group preformed, I thought about what I have learned in my other comms classes thus far.  In my first broadcasting class, Comms 275, we learned a lot about the importance of speaking the truth.  Something I did not realize before applying to my major is that if you do anything untruthful in the news, you lose trust.  That is the hard truth.  People will not watch or listen to you if in the past you have given inaccurate data.  The news is all about going to the paper or turning on your tv and getting accurate information. If you break the trust of the viewers, or your boss, you are out of a job.  I had never thought of that before but it makes sense.

I think one of the biggest opposites from the news are politicians.  They often say what we want them to say and do not speak truth.  They have a hard time genuinely gaining the trust of the citizens because people know politicians are known for lying. They want to appear to be the best and they do what they have to, for this to happen.  If you click HERE you can see a debate between politicians.  I would like to believe many things they are saying but often times I cannot.

I am not trying to stir anything up but in my opinion Mitt Romney will be the best candidate. I feel like he is very honest and he is just a great guy.  He is in my home ward and I have known him for quite some time and he has always been such a nice, good person.  When he talks about him views, I do think he is being truthful and says the right things, because he is just that good. Click HERE to view some of his debating.

Lastly, I found an article HERE talking about truth and I think it applies to journalism at BYU because if we want to have God on our side, we need to be truthful.  God can also lead us to the truth by the spirit.


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