What is Journalism…

When being asked: what is journalism and who is a journalist, the answer at first seems simple but after some thought I realized it was not.  To me, journalism is the recording of events in a straightforward, storytelling form.  It is not a bullet point of facts but instead a story of events that have taken place.  It is meant to be easy and pleasing to read but objective for the most part.  Journalism is the facts of a situation so that people know what happened without having to be there. Today in class we talked about journalism giving a voice to the voiceless and I think that is definitely true and a big part of what journalism is.  We would not know about random people being victims of fraud without a journalism story reporting and having those random people tell their story of what happened to them.  Image

Journalists’ obviously go along with this because they are they ones who write these stories and get them out to the public.  They are the ones who decide what is important about the situation and what can be kept out of the story.  They write it in a way that people will want to know more and they will keep reading. A journalist is anyone who writes stories meant for an audience who is seeking to know the truth.  A journalists’ job is based on the public trusting them so they always have to be honest and keep that trust.  If they break it, the public no longer trusts them and they are out of a job.  Integrity is a big part of the job and making sure to keep deadlines and be curious enough to get the full story.


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